1. Made in Germany

2. Our design follows the function.
SCHWERT instruments ensure a safe and ergonomic treatment.

3. The precision
is ensured by advanced manufacturing techniques, combined with the experience of our sometimes for decades employed craftsmen.

4. The knowhow about the function
of our instruments relies on our tight cooperation with well-known users/surgeons that join us from the development to the finished SCHWERT instrument.

5. The raw-material
is exclusively of German origin and is an essential for the consistently high quality in the production of SCHWERT instruments.

6. High precision joints
ensure precise treatments and a long wear-free operation.

7. Tungsten Carbide inserts
 for Instruments, that have to meet frequently hard requirements.

8. Easy maintenance and cleaning
because of just high quality materials. SCHWERT instruments are suitable for all common disinfectants and cleaning methods. (Please follow the manufacturers instructions carefully). Regular maintenance by oil ensures long life of our forceps, scissors and needle holders.

9. Quality Management
ensures you that the production is always in compliance with the current regulations and laws.

10. Our Service
guarantees you a fast and cost effective reprocessing, if necessary.

11. Price/perfomance ratio
Despite the price quality instruments are the better choice. They ensure to accomplish the same goal for the operator in less time and with even better results and faster recoveries for the patients. They last longer and minimize the cost for replacement and repair.

12. Satisfaction
for the operators and patients, by more precise, ergonomic and gentle treatments.


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