Benefit from more than 100 years of experience in manufacturing and development of surgical and dental instruments. We offer the complete instruments for the following dental treatments:

  • Implantology
    Bone Mill, Bone Crusher, Bone Mill Forceps, Bone Spreading Pliers, Bone Graft Holding and Drilling Forceps , Bone Scraper, Trephines, Bone Carrier, Sinus Lift Elevators, Osteotomes, Sinus-Lift Curettes, Calipers, Bone Condensers, Parallel Drilling Guide
  • Extraction
    Extraction Forceps, Root Forceps, P-LUX, Root Elevators, Periotomes
  • Parodontology
    Periodontal Probes, Color-Code-Curettes and Scalers, Medicine Applicators, Scalers, Curettes, Gracey Curettes, M5 Curettes, Titanium Curettes, Furcation Curettes Universal Curettes, Sharpening Stones, Medical Whiteoil, Sharpeningtools
  • Endodontics
    Root Canal Explorers, Root Canal Instruments, Root Canal Pluggers
  • Oral surgery
    Ronguer Forceps, Blades, Blade Removers, Blade Holders, SuperCut Scissors, Scissors, Micro Scissors, Dissecting Forceps, Haemostatic Forceps, Bone Curettes, Periosteal Elevators, Raspatories, Chisels, Mallets, Tampon Applicators, Retractors, Mouth Gags, Tongue Depressor, Needle Holders, Micro Needle Holders, Cartridge Syringes, Osteotomes, Calipers, Tissue Forceps, Suction Tubes, Mixing Cup, Kidney Bowls, Needle Case - Prosthetics o Crown Removers, Impression Trays, Crown Spreading Pliers Wax Knives, Spatulas For Impression Materials, Crown And Plate Scissors, Gingival Cord Packers
  • Conservation
    Composite Instrumens, Spatulas, Heidemann Spatulas, Carving Instruments, Burnishers, Filling Instruments, Cement Spatulas, Gingival Margin Trimmers, Excavators, Matrix Retainers, Matrices, Amalgam Carriers, Rubber Dam Punches, Medicine Applicators, Forceps for Articulating Paper
  • Diagnostics
    Mouth Mirrors, Mirror Handles, Tweezers, College Tweezers, Explorers, Periodontal Probes
  • Micro Surgery
    Micro Scissors, Micro Needle Holders, Mini Blades, Mini Blade Holder
  • Soft Tissue Treatment
    Papilla Elevators, Tunneling Knives, Tissue Forceps
  • Organization / Instrumenst Reprocessing
    Sterilization Containers, Wash trays, Medical Whiteoil


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