July 2015 - APICO Instruments:

Lightweight color handles with delicate, angulated tips for Apicoectomy / retrograde root canal treatments.

The different angulations ensure a perfect approach in every anatomical situation.


APICO Endodontics

November 2014 - ULTRA SCISSORS:

In todays practice perfectly functioning instruments are required to save time and still allow more precise treatments.
The new black coated SCHWERT ULTRA Scissors combine the advantages of known SuperCut  with an extremely hard and durable surface:

- Extremely hard and smooth coating for a precise feeling and less wear

- SuperCut finish for razor sharp cutting and less
trauma. One blade micro serrated so that thread or soft tissue will not slip off

- The low-glare black coating improves visibility and provides excellent contrast to the gingiva. For even more precise surgical interventions

- Highly resistant to chemicals and thus excellently clean and sterilizable

- Available as “La Grange” figure › Anatomical S-shape for easy access in all mouth areas

Black coated ULTRA scissors

Blade holder :

The daily risk of injuries by removing the blades from standard instruments is not avoidable. With the new SCHWERT SAFE-EX an innovation was developed that changes the daily routine eminently. The integrated function that works like a regular ball pen reduces the risk of an injury to a minimum. The blade is ejected from the SAFE-EX just by pushing a button. The practice staff, especially during the cleaning/re-processing, is safe from infections caused by unintended cuts.

Safe-Ex KlingenhalterRef.: 1033-60

IDR - Immediate Dentoalveolar Restauration, by Dr. José Carlos Martins da Rosa, Brasil

IDR-KitAnwendung / Treatment IDR

With this technique bone material for fixing the compromised alveolar socket is harvested from the maxillary tuberosity. Augmentation and implantation are done in just one treatment. Due to the characteristics of this bone material it leads to very good results. The bone chip is harvested with an adequate chisel. Im SCHWERT Kit (# 1790-90) consists of 3 straight and 3 gauged chisels in 6,8 und 10mm width (according to shape and size of the defect), Titanium bone condenser and mixing cup.

Hompage Institute Dr. Rosa:

Implant treatment with SCHWERT Titanium Curettes in Color Code Handle

For the implant prophylaxis SCHWERT developed a series of Titanium Curettes consisting of Langer 1/2, 3/4, 5/6 and Columbia 4R/4L. All the tips are exchangeable and compareably cheap to replace.

The implants surface is preserved by the use of the same material as for itself. The durability of the working tips is also much higher compared to Teflon or Carbon Curettes. Biofilm on implants may be removed very smooth and easy. The Titanium curettes may be re-sharpened similar than the regular stainless steel ones. you just have to use a separate sharpening tool/stone to avoide contamination.

SCHWERT modified Crown Spreader

the modified Crown Spreader comes with a different rotation center. Therefore unintentional rotations on the root are completely avoided. There are also no inadvertand forces on neighbor teeth, roots or the jaw compared to standard instrumentation.

By its design it is universally for the upper and lower jaw. The spreading forces are just there where they are intended to be.

For further Informations please send us your inquiry or contact your local SCHWERT distribution partner.

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